Video Marketing to Attract Organic Leads $2,997

1 Module 10 Modules 10 Lessons

About this course

ACBN Digital Marketing Masterclass. This Self-Directed Study or Cohort Course allows you to execute on corporate level marketing strategies in a step-by-step fashion across 12 different marketing channels. Easy assignments and tasks ensure your business moves forward and leads come pouring in. 

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Course Structure

Invest in Your Business

Week One 1 Lesson

Week Two 1 Lesson

Different types of Videos

Mappdom will be sharing with you the different types of videos you can create and which ones are the best for your business.

Week Three 1 Lesson

Keyword Research

Mappdom will introduce you to keyword research and how this can help your video marketing.

Week Four 1 Lesson

Take a Break


SURPRISE! Play with your phone (week off work. Let marinate)

Week Five 1 Lesson

Week Six 1 Lesson

BEST PRACTICES TO RANK UP your video marketing

Learn the best practices and tips to better create and rank your videos

Week Seven 1 Lesson


This week will be about the best practices and tips on editing videos using video editing apps on your phone.

Week Eight 1 Lesson

Optimize your video

You will optimize your videos so they can easily be found in searches. After that, we'll syndicate them, by getting you to post them on several video platforms (or we can do it for you for a small fee of $199)

Week Nine 1 Lesson

Video Syndication

Next up you’ll be learning how to syndicate your videos properly and distribute them accordingly to channels that would benefit your business the most.

Week Ten 1 Lesson

Video Marketing Calendar & Strategy

Lastly, let us now know how to create an effective video marketing calendar strategy.